Announcing the 5 MINUTE Studying Challenge: Get Amazing Grades Along With Me

The problem:

Let's rewind just a few weeks ago, and there I was scheduled to do a whole stream of exams at school, and yet I had a MASSIVE amount of work left to do.

Which I wanted to do, I really did.

Except here's the mistake I made:

I put a HUGE stack of papers I needed to memorise on my desk, and created a to-do list that was SKY high - to complete within a few days.

I thought I could do it, but when I woke up the next morning to get started, it terrified the fudge out of me.

So I avoided it. 

TV and Pinterest became my best friends for the week, which only made me feel:

A) stressed out at the thought of attempting the work

B) and guilty for NOT doing anything

And hey ho, there I was wrapped up in the world of procrastination.

And it just made me feel - like a piece of turd, people.

The perfect (and bizarre) solution:

About a week later I ran into Stephens' blog, where he talked about having similar problems with his workout regime.

He talked about how he really wanted to stick to his intense but beneficial workout routine, but just felt paralysed by the amount of work involved, and ran away from it. 

It really resonated with me (minus the fitness of course - I am queen of 'no exercise in about a year' after all).

And you know what his solution was? 

The completely BIZARRE 1 Push up Challenge.

He decided in order to start becoming fit, he would commit to doing just ONE push up a day. 

Not 20, not 100. Just 1.

*I can just SEE your 'is this guy CRAZY?!' faces right now*

And I know what you must be thinking (I did too, initially) - ONE push up? 

That's worthless.

But then he explained the idea behind it:

When you commit to doing something as easy and quick as one push up, you're resistance to exercising drops significantly. 

Then once you've done that one push up, you're like, heck that was easy. 

I'll just do another push up, and maybe another one... 

Before you know it, you've done more than you thought you were capable of.

Now let's compare that to an overcommitment of 'I'll do 100 push ups today, complete 150 crunches, and run in the park for 30 minutes, then get out the bike and cycle for another 30 minutes" - (just like I was doing for my studies) - in which case your minds resistance is WAY UP HERE, and you just avoid doing the work ENTIRELY.

(You see, there IS a lot of logic behind the 1 push up challenge.)

One VERY important thing that you need to keep it mind though, in the words of Stephen, is that:

"If you believe that it is worthless unless you do more than one push up, you have undermined the power behind what makes this work! This means you need to be willing to do just one push up and be 100% satisfied with it. Anything extra is in bonus land. You can't think bigger yet."
After hearing his idea, I thought it was GENIUS. 

And definitely transferable to other areas of our life - like studying.

I hear SO much about how people want to study hard, but find the workload really daunting, and never bother (like me).

So I decided to extend Stephens idea to the world of school, and created the 5 Minute Studying Challenge.

So this 5 Minute Studying Challenge, what does it involve?

Click here to read more and find out - trust me, it's a LOT easier (and more rewarding) than you might initially think.

Get Powerful Advice on Achieving Success (& Creating a Budget Lifestyle You Love) & Take Action Every Friday With Sanam

It doesn't take superhuman powers or luck to succeed. You just need to DECIDE - and I'll show you the rest.

So, are you IN?

Ps. You'll also get the exclusive 'A* Grade Challenge' Action Plan workbooks (on taking SMALL steps each month to achieve exceptionally high grades), which is only sent to the VIP email crew.

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