I Admit It. This Blog Sucks.

5 minutes ago, I finished watching a speech about dreaming big and completing our goals

Something that the speaker said really resonated with me.

His need for perfectionism stopped him from acting on his ideas, because he feared his work would not be 'perfect' or good enough. 

I get that.

As many kind readers have been reminding me recently with 'Sanam, where the hell are your posts?!' messages, it's become obvious to me that it's this fear and perfectionism that's holding me back.

I have so many ideas about what I could do with this blog that would be helpful to you guys (you have no idea how many posts are in draft right now, not published, because I don't think they're good enough, it's ridiculous!).

It's time for me to get over my made up fears and just put those posts out there.

When I think about doing this, a Seth Godin quote comes to mind: 
"It's not our job to judge our work. It's our job to create it as best as we can".

So starting from this post, that's what I'm going to do.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you think my work is helpful enough or not.

Plus, here are some other changes I'll be making to the blog:

What currently sucks about the blog and needs improving:

1- Irregular posting (my last post was over a month ago. *Guilty as charged*).

2- Sometimes I include advice in my posts that I haven't thoroughly tested, so how do I know if they really work? Everything seems doable in theory, but what about in practise?

3- The posts don't always address burning student problems for the aspiring super achiever.

4- Posts are too long. if I can say something in 500 words, why long it out to a few thousand?

What's going to change around here:

1- I'm going to stop being a perfectionist and just get my posts out there on a regular bi-monthly basis, like promised.

2- The blog will have a new experimental focus where I test out the advice I'm giving and discuss the pro's and con's that I've experienced with them. Plus, practical 'homework' tips will be included about how to implement the advice I've given. After all, it's not enough to know something, its all about doing it.

3- Posts will be focused on developing the mentality of a super achiever (hence the new website name) and addressing 3 mental barriers that hold people like us back: 

  • Procrastination/laziness
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of what others think about you/what you're doing.

4- I'll do long posts only when they're necessary. Otherwise they'll be short 500-words-or-less posts, like this one.

Also, I want to ask you something (please leave your answer in a comment below):

  • What problems are you currently facing at the moment in your pursuit of becoming a super-achiever at school? (I'll make a note of your feedback so that I know what areas I can best help you with in future posts).

Upcoming post:

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It's going to be about making a studying timetable that you can actually stick to (and I've spent over a month testing out the advice to make sure it's useful for you!).

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PS. Here's who deserves a bear hug today:

- Seth Godin and Darren Rowse for their wise words that finally got me off my butt and posting

- AMAX Model Management for the photo

- You guys, for your kind harassment about keeping up with the posts. I appreciate it! :)


  1. One of my bigger problems that I have is teachers giving me a week's notice on tests on random quizzes. I am not sure how to attempt at revising my notes or making a plan to study. I also have a failure when my grades are not the best and it is already midterms, but yet I still want to have the motivation to bring those grades up before finals.

  2. Hey,This blog doesn't suck and it's one of my avorite blogs. It's not about the help and it isn't about the advice and tips or length of your posts.
    It is about hearing something from you with your witty sense of humour an problems and knowing that we are not alone.
    Look at James Altucher's blog.It's design is bland and posts come with weird topics but it's so good.
    Because Content is the king and his content is awesome and so is yours....
    My biggest problem is: Bloody Stress during exams. They are starting on 10th I expect a post by then...Just kidding.
    If this sounds like mindless blabbing sorry I am not sleeping much these days..

  3. This Blog doesn't suck, tho I thought it was down due to the lack of regular posts.
    Anyways, I need tips for mock preparation, and of course for the last 35 days before exams!
    Thanks and cheer up

  4. I love this blog! I need help with procrastination - I'm just really lazy and I can never be bothered to do homework/assignments because they bore me! Do you have any tips on how to make it more interesting?

  5. This blog is brilliant, reading all your old posts has been really helpful. I suppose the one thing I'm struggling with is knowing how to divide up my time for each subject: I really struggle with sticking to a revision timetable!
    And stress related to exams... I'm the worst for getting stressed. Any of my friends could tell you that! (and probably a few of my teachers too!) I try to ignore it but I'm pretty sure that's a poor choice :D
    Your advice to me about shyness has been really helpful, so thank you (a lot!)
    Keep going!

  6. Not enough time spent studying. I always procrastinate with netflix or napping or other distractions and then end up cramming/ not sleeping before exams.

  7. I just wanted to say I've only just started reading your blogs and to be completely honest I love it. I've read so many blogs where I just get bored at the first word but yours is exciting and now I can't wait for your next one. My biggest problem is procrastinating and laziness I try to study most of the time but I just get bored and sometimes to overcome this I think to my self if i have to study for a test I imagine getting that a and being so proud of myself and that just kind of motivates me. Another thing is that I overthink loads, and in each of my test I read the question and overthink it each and every time. And I'm just scared that if I get a good grade then I would have a lot of pressure on getting another and people would have to relie on me which I don't want. If you can help with my overthinking probelm then that would be great please p.s your the only blog I read because you really get me motivated xxx Inas

  8. Nothing Changed!!! Still no posts,,,,

  9. please post more :( they dont have to be long

  10. post more please I only have two weeks left help

  11. I make plans to study as soon as I know the exam date, but I keep butting studying off thinking that I have enough time, and end up cramming
    Or when I do study I can't keep studying, even when I eliminate all distractions and make a good studying inviroments I can't focus because I lose interest/get bored and I get very sleepy.. and that affects my grades badly

  12. The main problems I deal with as a student is focusing, procrastination, lack of interest/inspiration, and lastly lots and lots of stress. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  13. I really like this blog, it doesn't suck.
    My main problem as a student is having family responsibilities at the same time as academic responsibilities so I end up not having the time to study and revise. If you could share ways to study efficiently in a short amount of time that would be super helpful.

  14. I really like this blog :) Something I struggle with is a low self confidence and low self esteem. I also procrastinate, have very horrible memory and I am unable to motivate myself. These have proved to be my downfall many days and it makes people (my family) not trust me to do anything related to school effectively.

  15. hey, come on, you know what you are doing in your blog, it really don't suck. this was a blog were i understood there are people out there who also feels like me. so go on with your intuitions and visions. there will be people like me to help you, if you need any help. and one thing, lazy people like me are a mess, so more messy ones like me can only understand each others problem. so lets start with an attitude of cleaning up of our "messes" together.

  16. Hellooo! Again, I'll reiterate what the others have said: I'm a huge fan of your blog and it totally does not suck. What's holding me back is sheer procrastination/laziness. I am SO lazy. I totally identified with the 3 things you said held us back so I'm keen for the post on that. You go girl! xx


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